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Water’s great in pools and on waterslides but not so much in your basement or living room. We can help you insure your investment with a flood policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Get a flood insurance quote to help protect your stuff.


We work with National Flood Experts

To make sure flood insurance should be required on your property and to guarantee you the best rating available for your property.

Protect your investment

Federal law requires some locations that typically flood to have flood insurance, which isn’t covered by most homeowner’s policies. Keep your head above water with GEICO’s flood insurance, backed by the federal government with rates specifically tailored to your area.

We’ve got you covered.

Coverage you need with service you can count on.

Flooding you with confidence that your stuff is covered.

If your home is in a community that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) you may be eligible for flood insurance at a modest cost through the federal government. This means insurance companies issue flood insurance that’s administered by the federal government.

When should I buy flood insurance?

Most flood insurance policies require a 30 day waiting period before the coverage is effective. Exceptions include if you’ve purchased a new home and the closing is in less than 30 days.


  • We write public and private flood to find you the best rate.
  • We work with the National Flood Experts to guarantee accuracy
  • All we do is flood insurance we know every rule, trick and rate reduction tactic!

We’re here to help.

Flood Insurance Service And Claims.

It’s easy to manage your policy, report a claim, or just chat about your flood insurance policy. Call us at (813) 406-7365 to talk or to report a claim please refer to our list of partners.

Prepared for that rainy day.

Flood polices must be paid in full. Typically payment can be rolled into your mortgage, or paid by credit card.

When it rains it pours.

It’s what’s inside that counts but the outside matters too when it comes to your house. Help protect both with flood insurance.

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Like our name implies, we only handle flood insurance. We have dedicated our practice to knowing every possible detail when it comes to flood insurance. Flood Insurance can be complicated and it takes an expert to really make sure you’re paying the least amount possible for the coverage you desire or are required to carry. We save our clients $1,000’s every year in premiums their previous insurance companies didn’t know they qualified for. Submit for a free quote today!

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“Wow THERE! And SO FAST!!!!.You have been an amazing wealth of knowledge throughout this whole ordeal. Undoubtedly, I would have paid this premium for the duration of the loan. Thanks so very much!!!”

Bill F. Sarasota, FL

“By changing my policy from NFIP to a private company, Only Flood Insurance saved me almost $15,000/year on my flood insurance premium for my company!”

Robert M. Tampa, FL

“The flood experts brought our condo’s flood insurance policy from $12,000 down to $6,000 by making sure the elevation certificates were correct.  Who knew an error on the elevation certificate could cost us so much money.”

Tom B. Davis Island, FL

“Because I used National Flood Experts, I now pay the preferred rates on my flood insurance instead of the standard, and it’s my choice!”

Andy K. St Petersburg, FL

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